Chrysler posts gains as GM, Ford stumble

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That's how much Chrysler increased deliveries in July, extending its streak of U.S. sales gains to 28 straight months. The Fiat-controlled automaker sold 126,089 vehicles as rivals GM and Ford posted surprising declines of 6.4 percent and 3.8 percent, respectively. GM's and Ford's downturns slowed the overall industry's growth in July even though Japanese automakers continued their recovery, with Honda posting a 45 percent gain.

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"Everyone has a sense that Apple does something different. Whether those differences can be protected in court is the question."

Cheryl Milone, CEO at Article One Partners, which makes software used to prove or disprove intellectual property claims, on the Apple-Samsung trial in San Jose. What sets the case apart is Apple's focus on protecting design patents, which relate to the look and feel of its mobile products. The four patents in the trial cover such features as the placement of the iPad's and iPhone's on-off buttons and their flat, edge-to-edge glass faces.

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Clorox reports quarterly earnings on Thursday, and analysts expect the Oakland household-products company to post a 7 percent decline in net income to $158 million. Sales at the maker of Clorox bleach, Pine-Sol cleaner and Kingsford charcoal may rise 3 percent to $1.53 billion. Despite the slow growth, Clorox shares are up 8.4 percent this year as investors seek the safety of "defensive" consumer-products stocks.

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